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The Youths Self Development Speaker

“That Mayniac” is a name i find to be really interesting. Maniac is simply seen as someone with an obsession and i have one. it's to inspire you. My name is actually Clarence.

As a speaker, serial entrepreneur, and author, my purpose is to help people achieve greatness. I faced a lot of challenges as a kid growing up in a place where I felt my family wasn’t rich enough to help me fit in. I condemned myself as much as to start hating everybody and feeling completely inferior until I met my uncle who so much inspired me.
At 15, I had started breaking out of my shell with the help of my uncle and books he made me read and at age 16 I started seeing myself as an author and a speaker. I didn’t imagine myself as a business owner at that time but as I continued to progress from singing to music production to photography and here I am a Business owner, a speaker and an author.
I believe anyone can be great, I believe anyone can achieve great things and I believe with the right amount of knowledge, anyone can do anything. My sole purpose is to help people achieve greatness just as my uncle helped me break out of my shell. With my painful experience, I believe I can help people be the best.
If you’re hungry, determined and driven the achieve greatness, then you’re in the right place. Only you can create what you’re dreaming of (I’m not in your head). I’m here to motivate and push you so you can achieve and be that which you want to be.

Thanks for being here. Can’t wait to connect with you 

Clarence A.

That Mayniac



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